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Packshots and Logos

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Logos Machine Translation Text-to-Speech Speech Recognition



Packshots – Machine Translation

Personal Translator Professional 20

Personal Translator Net 20

Personal Translator Intranet 20

Personal Translator Professional 20, Net 20 and Intranet 20


Packshots – Text-to-Speech

Voice Reader Home 15

Voice Reader Home 15 and Studio 15

Packshots - Voice Reader Home 15 und Voice Reader Studio 15

Voice Reader Studio 15

Voice Reader Home 15, Studio 15 and Server 15

Voice Reader Web

Voice Reader Home 15, Studio 15, Server 15 and Web 15

Voice Reader Server 15

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Screenshot Voice Reader Studio 15

On request we will provide further Voice Reader Studio 15 screenshots and packshots in several languages. Please contact us.


Packshots – Speech Recognition

Voice Pro Enterprise

Voice Pro Enterprise Grafics

Voice Pro Enterprise Client