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Voice Pro User Views Speech Recognition

Dear Ms. Born-Rauchenecker,
Attached please find a small test. I would like to thank you for today’s instructional hour, which helped me to install and test your Linguatec software.
The following file is based on a dictation made after the first learning stage:
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
After having spent a good hour working with Linguatec Voice Pro, I have to say that I have never worked with a better speech recognition software programme.
Joerg E.

I am extremely impressed! The programme writes perfectly, or at least with very few errors. I dictated a difficult technical text for journalists and the result was above par.
Axel V.

Dear Ms. Bauer,
Voice Pro makes writing texts a lot of fun. This week, I decided to work intensively with the programme. Of course, there are times when the programme doesn’t write certain words correctly, but these are mostly technical terms. For example, it couldn’t write “Ammon”. I then, of course, taught it this term.
Right now, I could read a whole book out loud for you. It’s a lot of fun. I would also like to show our viewers how this programme works. I think I’m off on the right foot.

Dieter A.

I want to congratulate you on Voice Pro. It’s a really good programme. I work with it frequently.
Klaus H., author

Congratulations on creating this amazing product (Voice Pro Medical Edition)!
Dr. Clemens M., MD, Offenbach

Dear Ms. Bauer,
First of all, I would like to congratulate you and the Linguatec team. ViaVoice seems to come extremely close to my dream and the dream of many others for a voice input product suitable for use in medical practices.To a certain extent, your software has already surpassed our expectations, even though we are still in training stage. Again, thank you for your cooperation.
Dr. Peter T.