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Voice Pro 12 Legal

Special Speech Recognition for Legal Professionals

You talk, your PC types! In cooperation with Microsoft, Linguatec developed the new version of its speech recognition solution. Write, format, navigate or search for information? Just tell your computer what you want it to do. Thanks to Voice Pro 12 Legal, you’ll spend less time on routine tasks and thus you’ll have more time for the really important stuff.

Especially recommended for timesaving and better management of resources in law firms, notary’s offices and public institutions, Voice Pro saves you time by ensuring that your tasks in the office are carried out more efficiently.

Voice Pro 12 Legal (German)

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Who can honestly say that they type their own texts nowadays?
Transform the way you work with your PC – using Voice Pro 12. Compose your e-mails, letters, reports, protocols and much more using your voice. No sooner said than done.

Here are 13 good reasons to choose Voice Pro 12 Legal

  1. Three times faster than typing
    With Voice Pro 12, you can write as fast as you speak. Voice Pro can keep up with you even at the high speech speed of 165 words per minute. On average, you will write three times faster than you type with Voice Pro 12! Moreover, you won’t have to worry about spelling mistakes or typos.
  1. Believe it or not: up to 99 % recognition accuracy
    Voice Pro 12 is a reliable aid which will save you time and effort. Completely new acoustic models and speech models allow an excellent recognition quality of up to 99 %.
  1. 33 % better than the previous version
    Voice Pro 12 has taken a good two years to develop, but it was worth it: Compared to the previous version, Voice Pro 12 achieves 33 % better results, i.e. Voice Pro 12 makes 33 % less recognition errors than, let us say, Voice Pro 11 USB Edition.
  1. Extensive specialist vocabulary
    The included dictionary recognizes more than one million word forms. Besides the general basic vocabulary, Voice Pro 12 Legal disposes of an extensive vocabulary which comprises 12 legal specialist areas, for example: employment law, family law, criminal law. Naturally, you may also add your own words, such as proper names and specialist terms, to the dictionary. Common abbreviations are correctly copied.
  1. Individual adaptation
    Voice Pro 12 automatically adapts to your way of speaking. Particularly convenient: texts that are used frequently may be defined as text blocks – just use the headword, e.g. “default signature”, and the whole text block will be inserted in the text – automatically!
  1. Linguistic intelligence
    The completely new SpeechCorrect helps you distinguish between words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Just enter the context in a simple dialog box, and the varying spelling of “Paul Smith” and “Smyth’s Toy Store” won’t be a problem anymore.
  1. Using your PC has never been this reliable
    In the future, you won’t be needing your mouse or keyboard to control Windows® applications or surf the Internet: Simply tell your PC what to do using intuitive commands: print file, close window, open Internet Explorer, etc. You sit back and watch.
  1. Smart commands for more convenient use of Outlook
    The completely new SmartCommand technology allows Voice Pro to perform several tasks automatically with a single speech command, for the first time. Simplify your use of Outlook decisively: Just say “Write an e-mail to John Smith with the subject Our meeting”, and all the steps (open Outlook, retrieve the contact “John Smith” from the address book and enter his e-mail address in the recipient line, and the subject) in one go. Save yourself a great number of standard actions! Also ideal for registering and editing appointments.
  1. Smart voice search
    Even searching the Internet is made quicker and more convenient than ever before, thanks to the speech SmartCommands: Simply say “Search Google for Environmental incentive” and the hit list will be displayed in the browser. Naturally, the same works for local searches for files on the desktop!
  1. Talk to your PC – and your PC will talk to you!
    Would you like to know traffic information, the weather forecast, Lotto numbers, football results etc. ? Then simply ask your PC. „What are the current Lotto numbers?“ You will be enraptured when your PC answers you with the first-class speech output of Voice Reader. It’s just a pity that it can’t also tell you next week’s Lotto results…
  1. Mobile dictation
    With Voice Pro 12 you can be productive en route. Record your thoughts or notes effortlessly with a dictation device* and later convert the mp3, wav or wma file (16 kHz 16 Bit Mono) to text on your PC. Perfect for delegating work.
    * Not included in the package.
  1. Includes top-of-the range USB headset from Sennheiser
    The software package comes with a USB headset from Sennheiser with integrated sound card, which has been optimized for speech recognition. The microphone’s technically mature noise cancelling technology filters out ambient noise.
  1. Technology for the future
    Voice Pro 12 has been developed especially for use with Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 and Windows® 8 and uses the latest speech recognition technologies. This means it will be compatible in the long term.

System Requirements of Voice Pro 12 Legal

  • Pentium Processor: 2.4 GHz or 1.6 GHz dual core processor or equivalent AMD processor
  • Free RAM: 1 GB
  • Free hard-disk space: 1 GB
  • DVD drive for installation
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (German user interface)
  • Internet access for product activation