10 convincing arguments for Voice Pro Enterprise 2020-03-17T13:11:07+01:00

10 convincing arguments for Voice Pro Enterprise

  1. Three times faster than typingbutton-final
    With Voice Pro Enterprise, you can write as fast as you speak. On average, you will write three times faster than you type. And you won’t have to worry about spelling mistakes or typos.
  1. Technology for the future
    For the first time Voice Pro Enterprise uses the technology of neural networks, a special area of artificial intelligence. This enables speaker-independent recognition at the highest level.
    No more time-intensive speaker training is required.
  1. Use with any device
    Whether you want to use it on your PC in the office, on a tablet in meetings or on your smartphone on the go:
    Speech recognition is available to all employees whenever it is needed.
  1. Versatile
    Regardless of whether you dictate in real time or transcribe already existing dictations:
    Voice Pro Enterprise will do the job.
  1. Adaptive
    The huge language dictionary with 1 million words already covers almost all subjects. The user can add customized words e.g. proper names and technical terms.
  1. Individual adaptability
    Voice Pro Enterprise adapts to individual speaking habits. Recurring texts can be defined as text blocks. Just use the command, e.g. “default signature”, and the whole text block will be inserted.
  1. Support of different work flows
    In addition to the recognized text the dictation is also retained as an audio file. This makes the final control (by the user or his secretary) quite simple as text and audio are still available.
  1. Better to be safe
    Your data remain where they belong to: within your company. With the server solution Voice Pro Enterprise the transcription takes place on company servers without any need to foreign servers. User rights can be configured individually.
  1. Easy to integrate into the company’s network
    Both automatic distribution of client application in Windows (MSI) as well as in Linux networks (Java Web Script) are possible. Authentication and authorization of the user can easily be done via the existing Active Directory as well as via LDAP.
  1. Fast amortization
    Voice Pro Enterprise leads to a noticeable increase in efficiency and pays off already after a short period of time.