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Voice Reader Studio 15 Usecases

The different, possible applications for the natural sounding voices of Voice Reader Studio 15 TTS are as diverse as our customers themselves.
From traffic announcements in the bus or tram to radio announcements, from E-learning to audio books, from personnel training to advertising videos – more and more users are discovering just how much production time can be saved.

Use Voice Reader Studio 15 TTS in the following areas and save money and time:

Conversion of training documents, company videos, advertising material and presentations:

Add comments to your PowerPoint slides, training documents, flash demos or company videos supplied by a Voice Reader Studio 15 speaker. Professional voice-over artists have lent their voice to Voice Reader Studio 15 and, together with intelligent algorithms, the quality of Voice Reader Studio 15 text-to-speech is almost as good as a real, human voice.

button-play-silber Driving school (German)
button-play-silber Video (German)
button-play-silber Video (English)
button-play-silber Excerpt Hyundai-Reseller Training (German)
button-play-silber Online-Training MC Informatik (German)

Voice Reader Studio 15 Usecases


E-learning and language learning:

The great benefit of Voice Reader Studio 15 TTS regarding efficient information recording is particularly evident when converting teaching and learning materials. Lessons with Voice Reader Studio 15 are just so much more clearer. Voice synthesized teaching materials make learning easier for your listeners.

E-Learning Driving School (German)
E-Learning Language Course (German)
E-Learning Driving School (UK English)

Telephone messages and Voice Prompts:

Produce professional telephone messages with female and male voices in the twinkling of an eye with Voice Reader Studio 15. 45 languages are available! Or use the wait loop to provide information to your callers.

Telephone information (German)
Waiting loop information (German)
Voice Prompts (German)


Waiting loop (US English)
Waiting loop (French)
Waiting loop (Italian)
Waiting loop (Spanish)
Waiting loop (Portuguese Brazilian)
Waiting loop (Russian)
Waiting loop (Polish)
Telephone information (French)
Telephone information (Italian)
Telephone information (Spanish Argentine)
Telephone information (Portuguese)
Telephone information (US English)
Telephone information (Russian)
Telephone information (Polish)
Waiting loop information (US English)
Voice Prompts (US English)
Voice Prompts (UK English)
Voice Prompts (AUS English)
Voice Prompts (French)


Traffic announcements on the bus, train and tram:

Announcements on public transport, whether in English or other languages, can be made unbeatably fast and cheap using Voice Reader Studio 15 text-to-speech.

On the train (German)
On the train (German)
On the train (UK English)

Information systems at airports and railway stations:

Announcements at railway stations and airports can be converted fast and efficiently into many different languages using Voice Reader Studio 15 text-to-speech. .

Airport (German)
Train station (German)
Train station (German)


Underground station (German)
Train station (UK English)
Train station (US English)
Airport (Frenchh)
Airport (Spanish)
Airport (Spanish)
Airport (Spanish Mexican)


Voice synthesis of documents, emails, PDFs and Epubs:

Use Voice Reader Studio 15 as your personal reader. It’s never been easier to convert your documents to audio.

Email (German)
Email (US English)

Creation of audio books and podcasts: 

The huge range of settings allow Voice Reader Studio 15 TTS to convert your tests into audio books. Dialogue between male and female voices, pauses, effective vocal changes and background noises are the tools to make your audio books come to life.

Audio Book (German)
Audio Book: (UK English)

button-play-silber Excerpt from Audio book: Das Ende der Weltmafia (German)

Conversion of travel guides and manuals:

Voice synthesized travel guides and manuals increase the amount of information that can be absorbed and leave listeners with an uncluttered view of the beauty of exotic travel destinations or the solution of technical problems.
According to a study by the University of Regensburg, the ability to retain information is increased by a good 40% with simultaneous listening and reading.

Travel guide (German)
Travel guide (US English)
Travel guide(Spanish)


Travel guide (French)
Travel guide (Italian)
Travel guide (Russian)
Manual (German)
Manual (UK English)


Better service with speech-enabled machines:

No matter whether ticket machine, information terminal or cash machine: many people find these devices just too complicated. Voice synthesis allows user-interaction to be both simplified and improved.

Cash machine (German)
Cash machine (US English)

Voice output for apps:

You have an idea for a new app, and you just know that voice synthesis would make it appeal to your customers even more. Then simply convert it with Voice Reader Studio 15 TTS. No matter whether you convert messages or information, learn languages or give a voice to gaming apps, there’s nothing stopping you achieving your dreams.


Easier proof reading with simultaneous listening:

Proof reading pages and pages of text can induce errors, and is tiring. Just listen to the text whilst reading, and safely root out mistakes in dissertations, presentations or other texts.

Support for individuals with sight disability or dyslexia:

Improve your access to text and remove the barriers to communication. By offering your information in audio format, you are helping those that would otherwise not be able to read your texts without problems.



Integration into existing workflows and batch processing via the fee based extension Voice Reader Studio 15 Command Line Utility: 
In some use cases the conversion of text into audio has to occur automatically without any user interaction. This can be achieved with the separately available Voice Reader Studio 15 Command Line Utility.
It converts a text file into an audio file via command line and can also be used for batch processing. The conversion process can easily be automated via scripting.

Price for Voice Reader Studio 15 Command Line Utility  on request

Manual with further information: here