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Voice Reader Web 20 Benefits

Voice Reader Web 20 dynamically sound-tracks your website. The service can be installed quickly and easily. Our Tutorial will show you how easy it is. The website visitor just clicks on the link and the site contents can be heard immediately.

Voice Reader Web 20 benefits for you as website operator:

  • Easy installation of Voice Reader Web 20 via an intuitive web form.
  • Improved usability of your website, visitors may listen to your content anytime, from anywhere and on any device.
  • Better accessibility of your website for people with visual impairments, limited literacy skills, for foreign people, seniors, learners and in general for a better comfort and convenience of your website.
  • Perfect for users of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.
  • Audio files will not be saved on your server.
  • When updating your website all changes will be read out automatically.
  • Supports barrier-free access to your website.
  • Available in 45 different languages with male and female voices (the US English version for example includes 1 female and 1 male voice).
  • Selection of two different audio players (Rich Player and Mini Player) in three different colours.
  • Selection of many different ‘Read’ icons in various colours. Possibility to upload own icon.
  • As website operator you can decide which part of your website will be read out.

Voice Reader Web 20 benefits for your website visitors:

  • Either the complete website or selected text parts can be read out.
  • Text is highlighted while being read, the colour of the highlighting can be selected.
  • While reading , a visual text enlargement can be optionally activated.
  • Works on all mobile devices. It is no longer necessary to read texts on tiny screens, now it’s time to listen.
  • Player can be completely controlled via shortcuts. This increases usability for people with visual impairments.
  • No waiting even with long texts.
  • Visitors can either only listen to the text or read and listen simultaneously. A study of the University of Regensburg showed: Simultaneous reading and listening increases text comprehension.
  • No installation effort required for website visitors.
  • Option to download the dynamically generated MP3 file.