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Press Reviews Translation Software Personal Translator: What the Technical Press has to say…

Here you will find trade press quotations on Personal Translator:

10 TopTenReviewsPersonal Translator Professional 18 from Linguatec is a secure, well-designed and impressive application. From integration with the Microsoft Suite to translating websites and recording spoken language for later use, this is a feature-rich language program. For companies with offices in multiple European countries or who sometimes do business with Chinese-speaking associates, this is an economical but high-quality translation-software. (Article as PDF)

Online PC

The key benefit is data security. With a locally installed program such as Personal Translator Professional 18 sensitive business letters can be translated directly in the company and not on an external server. (Translated into English. German article: PDF)


In the end the problem of data security is the most important argument for buying the translation program. Those who do not have a problem to entrust their texts to the internet for translation, do not need this program. All others do! (Translated into English. German article: PDF)

c't magazinWith adaptable dictionaries and translation memories this program supports translation of texts from one language to another. Unlike using an online translation service the translation will be done locally.(Translated into English. German article: PDF)

Pressebüro Dr. Jamin

German publication:
… Bei betriebswirtschaftlichen Texten jedoch zeigt der Personal Translator 18 seine ganze Stärke. In dem hier dargestellten Beispiel wurde ein Text zu den internationalen Normen ISO 9001:2008 so gut übersetzt, dass kaum Fehler festzustellen sind. Seine ganze Stärke zeigt das Programm auch bei der automatischen Sachgebietserkennung und in der Übersetzungsfunktion direkt aus MS Office Anwendungen und PDF-Texten… (Artikel als PDF)


The main benefit of programs such as “Personal Translator”: Everything remains on your own computer; nothing will be transferred to the internet. This is particularly important for business texts.
(Translated into English. German article: PDF)

NetzsiegerThe editors of “Netzsieger” tested our Personal Translator 14 with a very positive result (4.4 of 5 points). Their conclusion: Personal Translator 14 Professional is the right solution for translating texts with business and technical terms in a short time. Article as PDF (in German)

IT Week

Get the point, in seven languages … Personal Translator will be invaluable for students or anyone who needs to work in different languages.

IT Reviews

Personal Translator 2008 translated it back and forth to produce: “Does this translate correctly or does it execute a vaguely literal translation which spoils the word order?” Pretty impressive.
Google came up with: “Is this really translate, or were there some vague literal translation of the word until medium?” Enough said. Of course that’s just a quick test, but the difference speaks for itself. Read more …

Computer Active

Personal Translator will be invaluable for students or anyone who needs to work in different languages.
Overall: A well-thought-out, useful translator.

PC Advisor

Linguatec Personal Translator 2008 is an excellent program. Besides its superior translation, it can also work fairly well with entire documents and PDF files. Read more

PC WeltAn example is “Neural Transfer” (pending patent) in the Linguatec translation software Personal Translator 2008 (standard version 49 Euros). The process can correctly determine the meaning of words with more than one meaning using their context. An identical word, depending on the context, can be correctly translated over and beyond sentences. For example, Linguatec Personal Translator identifies whether the word “polish” means to clean something or somebody from Poland by means of the word’s context. (Translated into English)


We are very honoured to announce the arrival of Linguatec Language Technologies to our growing portfolio. Linguatec is the leading provider of language-technology software for office use in Germany and the only company to have won the European Information Technology Prize three times. They bring with them two excellent ranges, Personal Translator which has led the field in automatic translations for many years, and thousands of private and professional users around the world rely on its intelligent, advanced technology every day. Secondly, Voice Reader could be described as a “small revolution” in speech synthesis. With just a simple touch of a button, Voice Reader converts any kind of text into astonishingly good quality audio files.


Therefore the linguists at Linguatec have managed to comprehend the user’s often complex modes of thought, speech and writing that were implemented as new features by the software technicians. After two years of development time, computer-aided translation software has arrived that offers the highest possible level of operating convenience and optimal translation results. (Translated into English)

winload.deA reliable translation partner for those that value linguistic quality and a high standard of efficiency.

User rating: 4 Sterne Wertung (Translated into English)

PCD-BoardThere were absolutely no problems (as expected) with the installation under Windows XP with SP2.
The manual is an exemplary piece of work, supplying the user with detailed helpful infos! The menu guide is extremely transparent, no questions on usage – once again, can only be described as exemplary. In short: the programme is simply… class! Happy to report no negative findings with this test.
Verdict: A professional software that impresses every time!
The integrated voice output of the Personal Translator Pro, which amazed us again with its incredible (phonetically correct) quality, is also a particularly special feature!
Test result: The advertising claims were absolutely justified! Our recommendation for translation software!
Mark: Very good, 98 % (as before)
Best regards, PCDoktor, Webmaster (Translated into English)

PC Welt

The clearly arranged interface appears with start-up. The user settles in relatively fast. The translation memory is also a really nice solution. (Translated into English)

Unternehmen & Trends

A professional translating software that ideally also has a command of the terminology specific to automobile technology. (Translated into English)


Personal Translator the new version: sentence difficulties are a thing of the past. (Translated into English)


Personal Translator is a major aid in the translation of texts, emails and websites, and offers a comprehensive range of dictionary options.
The integrated dictionary has been revised and further improved, giving even better translation results. (Translated into English)

ProduktionSmart new features improve the PT 2008’s translation efficiency with respect to quality and speed. (Translated into English)


Personal Translator 2008 does the thinking: It translates, thinks and uses Wikipedia. (Translated into English)

Produkt Global

Personal Translator 2008 – Totally smart. (Translated into English)


Increased translation efficiency! As a further new feature, the translation software offers a direct connection to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, where terms are comprehensively explained. (Translated into English)


In short: professional software which ist absolutely convincing in practical application. Personal Translator 2006 is the current reference.
Rating: very good, 96 percent. (Translated into English)

CHIP berichtet über Personal Translator

Four out of five points – overall evaluation: good
Verdict: Personal Translator 2006 translates large quantities of text in a short time, making the work considerably easier. (Translated into English)

CD-Info berichtet über Personal Translator
Test verdict: High tech improves the results
Performance: 4.5 out of 5 points
Translation program on a higher level with Office integration and spellchecker. Almost perfect. (Translated into English)

PC-Tipp berichtet über Personal Translator

Goes well beyond the standard. (Translated into English) berichtet über Personal Translator

If you need to translate English texts into German, Personal Translator Pro is the number one choice. (Translated into English)

In termsct of content, the translation result is fit to be seen: Personal Translator knows odd words. The sense was retained even when translating somewhat complicated test sentences.

Mark: 1,6 (Translated into English)

Computerwoche berichtet über Personal Translator

Top translation quality in a very short time. (Translated into English)


Quality noticeably improved:  in practical tests Personal Translator delivers the best results for translating texts from typical everyday business life. (Translated into English)

PC Welt

Personal Translator is a clearly designed translation program for the PC that is rich in vocabulary. This makes it especially suitable as an aid for those new to foreign languages. (Translated into English)


According to the Fraunhofer Institute, using Personal Translator brings an average time saving of 41.4% compared with using only a conventional dictionary.