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Voice Reader 15 Usecases

Usecases Voice Reader Home 15:
The excellent speech output of the text-to-speech programme Voice Reader Home 15 is available in 67 voices (in 45 languages) for private use. Voice Reader Home 15 allows you to listen on the go as you can do this while driving, during sport acitivities or in your spare time. Let yourself be inspired by our application examples!

Usecases Voice Reader Studio 15:
The professional version of our TTS Voice Reader Studio 15 offers users numerous features for professionally dubbing your material. For many applications, access to a recording studio is too expensive and time-consuming and this makes Voice Reader Studio 15 a practical alternative. Application examples include the dubbing of numerous and rapidly changing pod casts, presentations and e-Learning applications – i.e. whenever you want to quickly and cost-efficiently make audio information available to your audience.