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In our Linguatec News you will find the latest information on products, research work, application ideas and customers from Linguatec Language Technologies. Read what happened during the past years.

Elevators from Mitsubishi now speak with TTS from Linguatec

Mitsubishi Electric is a Japanese manufacturer of electrical products that has been in existence for 100 years with a worldwide presence. Elevators and escalators are a core part of the product offerings. To increase safety and accessibility, voice output is playing an increasingly important role. Mitsubishi Electric has opted for Linguatec’s Voice Reader in order to have its solutions available worldwide and quickly adaptable.

6. October, 2021|

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann chooses Personal Translator from Linguatec

KMW is European market leader for highly protected wheeled and tracked vehicles. 4,000 employees manufacture a broadly diversified product portfolio at 16 locations in Germany, Brazil, Greece, the UK and the USA. More than 50 nations worldwide rely on KMW‘s products. Linguatec’s Personal Translator helps KMW to accelerate the translation workflow.

13. July, 2021|

KONE uses Linguatec‘s Text-to-Speech for International Training

KONE is a global industrial company. Main focus is the production and maintenance of elevators and escalators. 60,000 employees service over 1.4 million installations in 60 countries. To ensure a high quality of service in this technologically demanding environment, ongoing employee training is necessary. For the efficient and cost-effective creation of training materials, KONE relies on Linguatec’s Voice Reader, which is available in 45 languages.

3. May, 2021|

Festo chooses Voice Reader for the dubbing of eLearning videos

Festo is a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology and performance leader in industrial training and education programs with a presence in 176 countries. The aim is to create maximum productivity for the customers with eLearning videos as an important training element. Festo has chosen Voice Reader Studio from Linguatec for the efficient and cost-effective dubbing of their eLearning content.

2. February, 2021|

Wall Street Journal has its content read aloud with Voice Reader from Linguatec

The Wall Street Journal is the world’s most important business newspaper with over 3 million subscribers. The digital offering is a key growth segment, with over 2.2 million digital subscriptions and a growth rate of 23%. To increase the appeal to its digital subscribers, the Wall Street Journal offers dubbing of its articles with Linguatec’s Voice Reader technology. “Listening is the new reading” – this trend will continue to grow in the future.

14. December, 2020|

City of Bergkamen chooses Voice Pro Enterprise for speech recognition

Bergkamen used to be the largest mining town in Europe and is now known for its variety of cultural and leisure activities. To further increase the efficiency of the administration, it was decided after extensive testing to use Linguatec’s speech recognition solution Voice Pro Enterprise.

3. November, 2020|