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Voice Reader Web 15

Let your website read out loud!

Voice Reader Web 15 is an easy to integrate internet service, adapted to the latest web standards, which automatically speech-enables your website and makes it accessible to a wider audience.

Voice Reader Web 15 is successfully used by public institutions, cities, as well as private companies. Click on the links below and listen to Voice Reader Web 15 live:

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Voice Reader Web 15

Price of Voice Reader Web 15:

The price of Voice Reader Web 15 depends on the size of the website and is fixed, unaffected by clicks on the ‘Read’ icon:

For small and medium sized websites: 270,- € per year
For larger websites: 400,- € per year
For very large websites: Price on request

Our Licensing Scheme: Prices apply per domain and language and are unaffected by clicks on the ‘Read’ icon.

mail-logoContact us, we would be pleased to submit you an individual offer and reply to all your questions. On request we would make a 30 days full trial version available.

The new Voice Reader Web 15

More and more cities, institutions, authorities and enterprises go for a barrier-free access to their websites. Voice Reader Web 15, the online reading solution supports them in this matter.

See how simple Voice Reader Web 15 is:

You, as the website operator, simply integrate a ‘Read’ icon on all of your webpages that you would like to be made audibly available to your visitors. It’s as simple as filling out an intuitive web form and you’re all set!

Visitors to your website click on this button and immediately begin hearing the desired page content on demand. That means that you don’t have to store any audio files on your server.

New features of Voice Reader Web 15:

  • New voices with significantly improved pronunciation
American and British voices

  • Optimum presentation on all modern devices and in all browsers

  • New audio player in two versions – need no flash player

  • Reading function can be used in internet and intranet

  • While reading, the text will be highlighted simultaneously
text highlighting

  • While reading, visual text enlargement can be optionally activated
Visual text enlargement

  • Available in 45 different languages with male and female voices

Proven features of Voice Reader Web 15

  • Three different ways of integrating the player into the website:
    1. Embedded Player: Directly embedded into the website, opens up on top of the webpage
    2. Hover Player: Completely movable on the webpage
    3. Pop-Up Player: Opens up in a separate webpage
  • All players can be completely controlled via keyboard shortcuts.
  • Beside reading out the complete webpage it is possible to only read out selected parts of the text by marking the text and clicking on the ‘Read’ icon beside the text.
    Voice Reader Web 15 Direct
  • Audio file export as mp3-file is possible.
  • While creating the Voice Reader Web 15 link, you can define settings such as speed, pitch and text styles.
  • Update your website as often as you want, Voice Reader Web 15 automatically reads out exactly what the text on your website says.
  • Choose among many different ‘Read’ icons (different styles and colours) or easily upload your own ‘Read’ icon.
  • Intuitive web form to create the read out function. Detailed FAQs and Email support available.

Enhanced feature of Voice Reader Web 15

Using Voice Reader Studio 15 you can even speech-enable PDFs on your website. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you and submit you an individual offer.

System requirements

  • On your web server: none
  • On the client computer:
    1. Works with all current web browsers
    2. Requires JavaScript to be activated