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Press release, Nov. 19th, 2007

Press Release Dub Texts – Out with it! Dub texts yourself with Voice Reader Studio

London, UK (19th November, 2007), Linguatec, a leading provider of language technology, today announced the release of Voice Reader Studio, an innovative software solution for the professional dubbing of text. Voice Reader Studio enables companies to quickly create professional voice recordings at a low cost.

Linguatec’s new Voice Reader Studio allows companies to react to the booming trend for audio files, which are used in the growing market for audio magazines, books and podcasts. “The purchase cost of Voice Reader Studio is generally paid off after 30 minutes of recording” said Reinhard Busch (CEO, Linguatec). “Even companies with small budgets will be able to benefit from the technology.”

Voice Reader Studio gives companies the opportunity to create their own personal recording from scratch, with no need for professional input. Voice Reader Studio comes with a range of applications for efficient and individualised dubbing. Additional features allow for voice quality to be assigned and pauses in conversation to be produced, guaranteeing a professional finish.

“With constantly changing content such as news articles and podcasts, the costs of conventional dubbing in a recording studio are often too high and therefore unprofitable,” states Reinhard Busch. “With Linguatec’s Voice Reader Studio users can create a professional audio version of the text at the touch of a button, so that a high return on investment with considerable cost savings can be established as a business argument.”

The Voice Reader Studio software is created by using audio recordings which are made with qualified studio speakers. These recordings are cut into phonetic units and then reassembled by the program using the master version of the texts. The synthetic part of the Voice Reader’s speech synthesis is not the actual voice, but the intelligent piecing together of the natural linguistic elements. This combined with complex linguistic algorithms ensures a natural word emphasis in the context of the sentence.

Voice Reader Studio (German, English) is now available in shops at the price of £ 349.99 (incl. VAT). Further languages (French, Spanish, Italian) will be available soon.

About Linguatec:
Linguatec Language Technologies is the leading provider of language technology software in Germany. The core product fields are machine translation, speech recognition and text-to-speech. Linguatec has won the European Information Technology Prize three times.

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