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Press release March 7, 2006

Press Release New Language Pairs for Personal Translator

Linguatec goes international

For years Linguatec Personal Translator has been one of the leading translation programs in Germany. Now additional language pairs will help serve international markets and globally active businesses.

With the current version 2006 of Personal Translator, Linguatec has equipped a PC-based translation system with the technology of neural networks for the first time worldwide, and has thereby been able to achieve even better translation quality. This revolutionary technology has until now only been available for the language pairs German-English and German-French.

Four New Language Pairs

With four additional language packages Personal Translator will in future be able to translate French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese texts into English and also from these languages into English. Personal Translator also makes it possible to manage several languages at once beneath one interface. “Increasing globalization also requires greater linguistic flexibility both from businesses as well as from each individual,” explains Dr. Busch, manager of the Munich language technology specialist Linguatec. “We want to take this development into consideration with our expanded product range and endeavor to get good connections to international markets and of course globally active businesses.” The new Personal Translator language packages are available in all relevant countries, but can also be very useful here in this country: anyone who knows English can now, for example, make Italian or Spanish texts understood in no time at all. This is ideal on the Internet: Personal Translator can open websites directly and translate them on the spot.

Consumer-Oriented Product Grading

As usual, there will be three program versions for the new language packages: Personal Translator Home offers highest translation quality for a low price, the Office version supports professional users with an expandable dictionary, automatic spell check and the supplementary program PT Direct, which can translate highlighted text passages from any application via mouse click. Personal Translator Pro also offers a sentence archive for optimizing repeated translation tasks, high-quality voice output as is also used in the new Linguatec Voice Reader, as well as numerous import and export functions, for example for exchanging dictionary data in XML format. In addition, the Pro version has special plug-ins that make it possible to translate directly in the Microsoft applications Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint and to work with PDF files.

The new international Personal Translator versions were presented by Linguatec at the CeBIT in hall 3, E55.


German-English, German-French, English-French, English-Italian, English-Portuguese, English-Spanish

Linguatec PT 2006 Home (per language pair) 49,- EUR
Linguatec PT 2006 Office (per language pair) 99,- EUR
Linguatec PT 2006 Pro (per language pair) 249,- EUR
Linguatec PT 2006 Netzwerk inkl. 5 Lizenzen (per language pair) 799,- EUR

About Linguatec
Linguatec Language Technologies is the leading provider of language technology software in Germany. The core product fields are machine translation, speech recognition and text-to-speech. Linguatec has won the European Information Technology Prize three times.

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