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Press Release, January 28, 2008

Press Release Personal Translator 2008 – 7 in One!

Personal Translator 2008 now also available as the World Edition containing all 7 language pairs

For years, the intelligent translation programme Personal Translator developed by Munich-based language technology expert Linguatec has been the market leader in machine translation in Germany. Now, all seven individual language pairs have been brought together into one complete language package.

Anyone, who has ever been faced with the difficult task of learning a language, knows that language is an extremely complex structure. This is where automated translation systems can be of help, meanwhile providing sound and usable results. As such, Linguatec’s Personal Translator 2008 applies the worldwide one-of-a-kind Smart Translation™ technology in order to meet the requirements of the diversity and creativity of human language and communication, also when translating.

Global communication

Personal Translator 2008 is available in seven individual language pairs, facilitating communication that reaches the far corners of the globe. Among the languages in Personal Translator 2008’s repertoire are, of course, English, Spanish and Chinese, which is all well and good for someone who has a command of all of those languages. However, because hardly anyone can speak that many languages, Linguatec now presents its World Edition. This new version contains all seven individual language pairs. The benefits are plain to see: With one single procedure, all language pairs can quickly and easily be installed on your computer and are then available in one convenient program. The fact that the program automatically recognizes the language of the source text makes it particularly practical when switching between languages frequently.

Reasonable price-performance ratio

Linguatec places great emphasis on providing the World Edition at an attractive price. For the price of two individual language pairs, you can get all seven of Personal Translator 2008’s language pairs in the World Edition. “The idea behind this is quite simple,” explains Dr. Reinhard Busch, CEO of Linguatec. “We want to make it possible for as many users as possible to have access to texts in as many languages as possible. Someone who is seriously interested in purchasing two language pairs will be happy to receive the complete range of Personal Translator language pairs.” Thus, for example, a person can easily understand Chinese coverage of the Olympic Games, articles on the European soccer championship found in Italian daily newspapers or French blogs on haute cuisine – not to mention foster business relationships.

Translate (or have it translated) the intelligent way

Apart from the milestones of neural transfer, which can correctly distinguish between ambiguous words depending on the given context, smart new features are improving the translation performance of Personal Translator 2008 both in terms of quality and speed. These features are being enhanced by extremely comprehensive dictionaries. For example, the Professional version of the World Edition contains a total of over 3.8 million entries. Also the software is designed in such as way that it is as easy and intuitive to use as possible. As such, the intelligent algorithms of the Smart Translation™ technology automatically recognize how to properly break up nested sentences as well as how to correct typos and spelling mistakes before beginning to translate. They also make looking up words extremely easy and convenient. It’s enough just to highlight a word with your mouse in order to see its translation or to hear how it’s pronounced. The programme’s direct connection to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, also comes in handy when looking for answers to all questions that go above and beyond pure translation.

A high level of flexibility for all application areas

Personal Translator 2008 World Edition contains seven language pairs and has the complete functionality of all of the individual programmes. The World Edition comes in three versions: PT Home, primarily for private users; PT Advanced, for occasional business use; and PT Professional, which also meets high professional demands. All versions are now available in stores or can be purchased directly from Linguatec.

The language pairs contained in the World Edition are:

German ↔ English
German ↔ French
English ↔ French
English ↔ Italian
English ↔ Portuguese
English ↔ Spanish
English ↔ Chinese

Personal Translator 2008 Home World Edition   EUR 99
Personal Translator 2008 Advanced World Edition  EUR 199
Personal Translator 2008 Professional World Edition  EUR 499

About Linguatec
Linguatec Language Technologies is the leading provider of language technology software in Germany. The core product fields are machine translation, speech recognition and text-to-speech. Linguatec has won the European Information Technology Prize three times.

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