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Press release November 19th, 2007

Press Release Smart Translation – Personal Translator 2008: The Smart Way to Translate

Intelligent translation and maximum ease of use

London, UK (19th November, 2007), Linguatec today announced the release of Personal Translator 2008. Featuring a range of smart technology to aid translation, Personal Translator 2008 minimises human, grammatical and spelling errors during the translation process. With different versions for personal and professional use, Personal Translator 2008 boasts numerous applications which speed up the translation process by 25%.

Personal Translator 2008 includes the following features:

  • SmartAnalyze™: Better translation of complex sentences
    Just as pupils or students often have difficulty working with complex sentence structures in a foreign language, linguistic forms can create problems for machine translation tools as well. Personal Translator 2008, with the help of SmartAnalyze™, breaks down complex structures and idioms, giving more accurate translations.
  • SmartCorrect™: Solving recurring problems with typos
    Flawless writing is the exception rather than the rule, with even minor typographical and punctuation errors having a major impact on translation accuracy. SmartCorrect™ not only marks these errors in the text, but also corrects them during the translation process. With SmartCorrect™, Personal Translator 2008 has the ability to take a flawed piece of text such as “to maek srue that tpyos dno‘t affect the resulst” and by using intelligent contextual analysis still produce a correct translation. This was made possible through co-operation with Google, where millions of documents have been analysed based on linguistic frequency.
  • SmartLookup™: Dictionary access via mouse-over
    Thousands of documents from different subject areas have been evaluated for the new Personal Translator 2008 dictionaries. There are now up to one million dictionary entries available, depending on the language and version. Personal Translator 2008 has also revolutionised the process of looking up entries, with SmartLookup™ enabling you to display the translation of a word, or hear it read out loud, simply by hovering over the word with the mouse.
  • SmartMemory™: The intelligent translation memory
    Translation memory is a rich source of completed translations, which allows the final version of a text to automatically be taken from the memory when it is repeated. Personal Translator 2008 Professional with SmartMemory™ is able to exclude proper nouns, place names and the date from the comparison, allowing for greatly improved synchronisation between the correct translation and the translation memory.

Accessing the world’s knowledge: Direct link to Wikipedia

An especially helpful feature of Personal Translator 2008 is the direct connection to Wikipedia, which supplements basic translation with a powerful reference capability. Even if “bionics” is the right translation of “Bionik”, this still doesn’t clarify the concept. One single click in Personal Translator will display the whole encyclopedic entry with all information provided by Wikipedia.

Great flexibility for all applications

Personal Translator 2008 is available in three versions, with the choice of seven separate language pairs, or as a World Edition which combines all language pairs. Personal Translator Home is primarily intended for the private user, Personal Translator Advanced is for occasional professional use, and Personal Translator Professional is designed to meet the extensive demands of a professional environment. All of the versions integrate smoothly with Windows Vista and Microsoft® Office 2007 to ensure an optimal workflow.

Availability and Pricing

Personal Translator 2008 is available now in the following language pairs:

  • English ↔ German
  • English ↔ French
  • English ↔ Italian
  • English ↔ Portuguese
  • English ↔ Spanish
  • English ↔ Chinese
  • German ↔ French

Priced at:
Home                 £    39.99 incl. VAT (per language pair)
Advanced           £    79.99 incl. VAT (per language pair)
Professional     £  179.99 incl. VAT (per language pair)

World Editions:
Home                 £    79.99 incl. VAT (includes all 7 language pairs)
Advanced           £ 159.99 incl. VAT (includes all 7 language pairs)
Professional     £ 359.99 incl. VAT (includes all 7 language pairs)

Network solutions of Personal Translator are also available: PT Net and PT Intranet

About Linguatec:
Linguatec Language Technologies is the leading provider of language technology software in Germany. The core product fields are machine translation, speech recognition and text-to-speech. Linguatec has won the European Information Technology Prize three times.

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