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Press release, March 5th, 2012

Press Release Voice Pro Enterprise – Linguatec opens a new era of speech recognition with Voice Pro Enterprise

For the age of cloud computing and mobile applications, Linguatec has renewed its speech recognition technology radically: speaker-independent, suitable for diverse audio and video sources and easily accessed via a browser.

For more than 15 years, Linguatec has developed and optimized speech recognition systems for professional use. With the new server solution Voice Pro Enterprise it has succeeded in breaking down hitherto existing boundaries, to considerably broaden the possibilities for speech recognition applications.

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Speaker-independent and reliable recognition

New about Voice Pro Enterprise speech recognition is that it is completely speaker-independent, and functions with no training. This means that the previously required, often troublesome learning phase is no longer necessary. Recognition also works with a change of speaker and under difficult acoustic conditions.

Audio & Video

Spoken language can now be reliably converted into text from various recording sources (audio and video recordings, interviews, records, expert opinions etc.). For text correction, a user-friendly editor, which works with time markers, is available. This allows precise retracing to the original recording at the touch of a button.

Automatic subtitle creation

During the recognition of videos, subtitles are also automatically generated and displayed as a video overlay with chronological synchronism. This function is especially interesting for broadcasting organizations, film and video production companies and government agencies. Through the new BITV 2.0 (”Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance”) the subtitling of videos on the internet is regulated by German law and shall become mandatory from to September 2012.

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On the server and in the cloud

Speech recognition occurs on the server side and does not require the installation of any software at all on the PC. All required functions are accessible via a browser. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari are supported. ”The earlier, rather complex and maintenance-intensive installation of speech-based applications on workplace PCs is now no longer necessary”, explains Dr. Reinhard Busch, CEO of Linguatec Language Technologies. ”In many cases, this enables appreciable time and cost savings”.

Speech recognition on Smartphones

Speech recognition is the most comfortable input method on mobile devices. Thanks to the fact that mobile end devices (e.g. iPhone) are supported, employees can also use the speech recognition system productively while on the move. This applies to dictations as well as video recordings.


Voice Pro Enterprise contains an API (Application Programming Interface) with SDK. This enables the speech recognition system to be integrated into external applications or workflows with a minimum of development effort, whether on mobile devices, thin clients, in web browsers or on desktops.

Currently, Voice Pro Enterprise supports the German and English languages. Other languages are in the pipeline.

You can find further information and video and audio examples on our new website:

About Linguatec Language Technologies:

Linguatec is a leading manufacturer of speech technology solutions. The main product fields are speech recognition, speech output and automatic translation. Linguatec is the only company to have been awarded the European Information Technology Prize three times.

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