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Press Release, October 30th, 2014

Press Release Voice Reader 15 – Professionally convert any text into speech in 45 languages, with natural-sounding voices

The Munich-based language-technology specialist Linguatec is now offering Voice Reader 15, the innovative text-to-speech solution for all those who want to convert their text into speech with impressive quality.

Natural-sounding voices determine our day-to-day lives

Voice applications are becoming ever more important in our day-to-day lives. Voices are present in telephony, in traffic announcements, in the e-learning sector and in the control of electronic devices.

When it comes to text-to-speech, many of us still automatically think of the monotone voices of computers and androids in old science-fiction films. But the new voices have come a long way since then. Based on extensive studio recordings with trained speakers, the astoundingly natural-sounding voices are barely distinguishable from a human voice recording.

How does modern speech output work?

In text-to-speech, written text is transformed into natural-sounding speech. The recordings required for this are spoken by professional speakers in a recording studio, then cut up into phonetic units and reassembled by a program using the text source. The synthetic aspect of the Voice Reader 15 text-to-speech is therefore not the actual voice, but rather the intelligent assembly of these natural linguistic elements. Complex linguistic algorithms ensure a natural intonation of words in the context of sentences.

What are the advantages of professional speech output?

Voice Reader 15 gives you independence from professional speakers and expensive recording studios. With an easy-to-use editor, the selection of male and female speakers, an intuitive adjustment of pronunciation and clear dictionary maintenance, converting text to speech becomes child’s play. At the press of a button, the audio files created can be exported either as a .wav or .mp3 file.


Now, one voice in each the German, Italian and French Voice Reader Studio 15 even speaks multiple languages. After the appropriate coding, Anna, the German ML voice, can also confidently speak English, Spanish, French or Italian.

What are the fields of application for Voice Reader 15?

“The possible applications of efficient and customized text-to-speech are immense”, reports Dr. Reinhard Busch, Managing Director of Linguatec GmbH, on the requirement for audio files that can be created quickly and flexibly. “This ranges from announcements on public transport to the conversion of text to speech in e-learning content, presentations and promotional videos, as well as the reading of audio books, manuscripts or websites.”

Hearing is believing!

All 45 available languages of Voice Reader Studio 15 with a total of 82 voices can be tested free of charge on our website

Voice Reader Home 15 Text-to-speech for private use RRP 49,- €
Voice Reader Studio 15 Professional TTS for commercial use RRP 499,- €


About Linguatec Language Technologies:

Linguatec is a leading manufacturer of speech technology solutions. The main product fields are speech recognition, speech output and automatic translation. Linguatec is the only company to have been awarded the European Information Technology Prize three times.

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