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Press Release, February 15, 2008

Press Release Voice Reader Web – Pimp your website!

Make your website more attractive with Voice Reader Web

Voice Reader Web from the Munich-based language technology specialist Linguatec GmbH is the new solution for dynamically sound-tracking websites. Using a simple link, visitors can listen to the content of websites “on demand” and even download them as MP3s. The audio files do not have to be saved on the server and do not require administrative maintenance.

Audio resounds throughout the land. Whether it be an audio book, audio magazine or podcast: the art of “listening” is well and truly booming. On the Internet, however, sound-tracked website contents are still few and far between. Here, audio can make a website extremely attractive. With Voice Reader Web, Linguatec is now bringing its highly acclaimed voice output software for the automatic sound-tracking of websites to the market. The Internet is learning to speak!

Sound-track websites automatically

Voice Reader Web is an Internet service that automatically sound-tracks websites. There is minimal effort involved in the integration of the read function into the pages: an intuitive web form allows the webmasters to determine the desired settings themselves, no software needs to be installed on the server. The MP3 files do not need to be manually generated; likewise there is no need to link them. Visitors to the site are presented with Voice Reader Web in the form of a discreetly placed link to the “Read” function. This can be clicked when required and it then plays the dynamically generated audio file in the browser. No special software is needed here either.

Take advantage of audio added value – even when you are mobile

“Voice Reader Web is ideal for all website operators who want to give their websites that extra something without going to a lot of effort and expense,” explains Dr. Reinhard Busch, CEO of Linguatec. “From private family websites, blogs and health advisors through to news portals, Voice Reader Web is a practical solution for almost every type of website.” Whether you’re aim is to establish a barrier-free Internet or you just like listening: the auditory dimension makes people notice your website and you are reaching a larger audience. And not just on the PC: the “Read” link works on Internet-enabled mobile phones and smartphones. Instead of having to go through the cumbersome task of scrolling through the tiny display, the desired webpages can be read aloud right from the mobile phone browser.

Have it read out or listen to it later?

If you would prefer to have the content of a website read out to you directly from the browser, then you would benefit from the Flash Player created exclusively for Voice Reader Web. The innovative Split&Stream™ technology reduces the delay to a minimum. “Whereas other Flash Players process the entire text right to the end before reading it out, Voice Reader Web gets started after the first sentence,” so Dr. Reinhard Busch explains the concept. If you prefer to take MP3s with you to listen to while you are on the go, the dynamically generated sound files can be simply downloaded onto the Flash Player.

Listen up: excellent prices

Prices were often an inhibiting factor in the widespread distribution of sound-tracked websites. “Our prices are transparent and reasonable. For only € 19 per month, website operators can provide their websites with the read function,” continues Dr. Reinhard Busch. The prices depend on the number of read requests needed. The monthly basic price of € 19 already includes an extensive contingent of 1,000 read requests. Hosting your own Voice Reader Server is also possible. So if you have something to say, find your voice on the Internet.

Voice Reader Web is directly available from Linguatec in 12 languages at the price of € 19 per month for a minimum term of one year.

About Linguatec:
Linguatec Language Technologies is the leading provider of language technology software in Germany. The core product fields are machine translation, speech recognition and text-to-speech. Linguatec has won the European Information Technology Prize three times.

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