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Voice Reader Press Reviews - Ratschlag 24.com  
Artificial intelligence: sophisticated speech output
Great speech synthesis software must apply a certain degree of artificial intelligence before reading a text aloud. Voice Reader Home is an example of a high-performance voice output software. A comment on ratschlag24.com (PDF in German)


The real beauty of the system is the ability to simply mark-up the text – it is as easy as using HTML – and use effects such as alternate voices within a section of text. For example, a question and answer section actually sounds like two or more people are talking, plus there is the ability to add audio clips and music files. Voice Reader Press Reviews - whatpc


Voice Reader Press Reviews - lawpundit Germany’s leading supplier of language technology applications for the office is a company called Linguatec. Their product offering includes professional translation software as well as TTS technology. … Numerous Voice Reader audio samples are available online. Try them out to see the outstanding quality of speech that can now be achieved by speech avatars. (English press review)


Press rating:

“Everything you need: a true hit. What are you waiting for, go for it!…”


“Voice Reader Studio” supplements the current excellent features of “Voice Reader” with other detailed solutions and offers the possibility of presenting the spoken texts to a large listenership. This alone qualifies the expensive cost price of 500 euros and makes the tool an indispensable component for multimedia projects with professional requirements.



int_mag Voice artists: Linguatec demonstrates the progress being made in text-to-speech technology. Even in longer texts, the computer voices sound extremely pleasant.
The enormous technological advances being made in this area (voice output on PC) are demonstrated by Voice Reader Studio from Linguatec. The voice output from Voice Reader has such a high quality that you can listen to longer texts without the voices becoming monotonous. This is because the intonation and the emphasis come across as very natural and if the text contains words that are not recognized by the software or pronounced incorrectly, the programme can be simply trained and corrected.
Simple recording tags in the text to be read out allow users to manually control several parameters, insert pauses, switch speakers, pitch and speed and play external audio files such as jingles, original recordings or noises. With little effort, it can become a lively audio exercise consisting of texts that can be used for pod casts, audio books and for sound-tracking videos and PowerPoint presentations.
Article in German


Yet this product from Linguatec seems to have overcome these limitations, with a product that generates extremely realistic spoken dialogue. (English press review) micromart


pc_welt An example of a high-performance voice output software is the software for Voice Reader Home. As every language has its own characteristics, the programme is available in 11 versions.


The computer reads out loud: Linguatec – Voice Reader Home

Listening is the “in” thing. According to sales statistics, many people now prefer audio books to regular books. It then stands to reason that computers should be allowed to do the reading.
The program, “Voice Reader Home,” reads the texts with a pleasant female voice. The synthetic voice output is outstanding, and the natural-sounding voice can hardly be distinguished from that of a human speaker. This is hardly surprising considering that trained speakers provided the basis for the Voice Reader voices.
The texts can be in any format. The program can read PDF files as well as Word documents, Internet sites and e-mails.
Using the program’s export function, you can also save your documents as audio files in WAV or MP3 format on the hard disk. By copying these audio files to a CD or MP3 player, you can listen to your texts when you are on the go, for example, when you are jogging.

Conclusion: “Voice Reader Home” is a good software for letting your PC read texts to you or for listening to them as MP3 files when you are on the go.



Interactive Ideas We are very honoured to announce the arrival of Linguatec Language Technologies to our growing portfolio. Linguatec is the leading provider of language-technology software for office use in Germany and the only company to have won the European Information Technology Prize three times. They bring with them two excellent ranges, Personal Translator which has led the field in automatic translations for many years, and thousands of private and professional users around the world rely on its intelligent, advanced technology every day. Secondly, Voice Reader could be described as a “small revolution” in speech synthesis. With just a simple touch of a button, Voice Reader converts any kind of text into astonishingly good quality audio files. (English press review)


“Linguatec Voice Reader” is without a doubt one of the best reader programs on the market and is especially impressive with its easy installation, intuitive use and an incredibly life-like voice output. An enormous workload relief for anyone that reads a lot in their professional life. grdb_new


simplify This service is also possible with texts that haven’t been sound-tracked yet with the aid of a voice output software program. The previously unattractive machine voices now sound so life-like that listening is simply enjoyable. The “Voice Reader” software reads out e-mails, PDFs, Internet news, presentations or eBooks directly on your PC or (after conversion to an audio file) per MP3 player, mobile phone or iPod while you are out and about.


If you have your manuscripts there with you in file form, you can open these documents (Word documents, txt files, etc.) directly in Voice Reader. And of course you can also insert any text you want via the clipboard in Voice Reader.
A single click and you can hear your speech or presentation spoken by a third person, instead of just reading it yourself as an impassive reader!


golem  Reading of yesteryear:

Speech output now differs only slightly from a human voice.


The “Voice Reader” voice output program converts texts of all kinds into audio files. This makes users independent of the PC and allows them to make use of unproductive times. focusonline