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Voice Reader User Views

Linguatec Voice Reader has been very useful. We have been able to make information accessible in audio format efficiently professionally for our visually impaired clients. They have given very positive feed back on how well the information is read.

Pauline R., Vision Technology & Training, Shrewsbury, UK

Linguatec Voice Reader is THE tool to use for reading out books. Having it read out: allows us to find even the most hidden spelling mistakes, and people stumble over awkward phrasing.
Peter M., Acabion TM Berlin (Translated into English)

Immowelt.de is the front runner in terms of price-performance ratio, satisfaction and service quality. With the innovative read-aloud function from Linguatec, we are offering another innovative service that clearly sets Immowelt.de apart from other real-estate portals.
Carsten S., CEO Immowelt AG (Translated into English)

Hello Ms. Bauer,
Your service is simply breathtaking – fast and perfect!
The technical information [on Voice Reader Web] really helped us and the application is now all systems go on our part. Thank you and you will hear from me as soon as we are online.
Have a great day!
Dr. Peter T. (Austria) (Translated into English)

Eh ben c’est ce que l’on appelle du Service Client ça. Merci c’est super !!! Rachel G. (Liechtenstein)

Dear Ms. Bauer,
Once I had become more familiar with Voice Reader Studio, I began to play around with it a bit. The program is easy to use for those of us who are blind. I have already forwarded the result to some of my friends and acquaintances, and they were thrilled.
Patrik D., Frankfurt (Translated into English)

Hello Ms. Bauer,
I’ve already tested Voice Reader Studio and it sounds great! Prof. Dr. Klaus J., Munich (Translated into English)

Dear Linguatec Team,
I have had your “Voice Reader” for 2 weeks now and I am extremely impressed with its scope and performance. The area of application and output quality totally exceeded my expectations – by miles!
I wish you continued success with your product, and will not hesitate to recommend it to others.
Sincerely, Wolfgang N. from Fahlenbach (Translated into English)

I am frequently on trips in the car and I prefer to listen to something I find that bit more “interesting”. So I simply make an audio file with the Voice Reader, which I can then listen to. I just love it!
Jan F., Austria (Translated into English)

Dear Kristina,
your Linguatec Voice Reader CD arrived by mail today. What a pleasant surprise because I expected it to take much longer from Germany. I installed it on my computer, activated it over the internet as instructed and gave it a page of Spanish to read. Your program worked flawlessly and I am very happy with it (and with your company Linguatec). Thank you for all of your help and consideration. Robert D., Ashland, Oregon (USA)

I am aware that Croatian language is – simply for commercial reasons – not on the top priority list, but since you already have a Czech product, maybe the distance to the Croatian reading engine is not that far any way. Besides, I did not find any other more critical objections to the Voice Reader, so from the standpoint of the potential user in Croatia this may actually be the only serious “con” to be put in the “pro et contra” listing. S. Cvjetovic

Voice Reader User views:
“Hallo Frau Gaul,
In case you are interested in how your product is being applied: I am a copywriter and I use the Voice Reader to read my texts back to me, because this gives me the ultimate feedback on how well the text flows – an uncompromising speaker that reads it as it is written! I am very happy with the product, though it would be nice if there was some way for me to add or correct pronunciations (for words that are wrong in the Voice Reader database as well as to add product names and jargon that I would not expect to find in there), and some way of treating commas in a list as shorter than commas for sub-clauses. A very nice and very helpful product!” David H.

Dear Ms. Bauer,
First of all, credit where credit is due for the Voice Reader. It really was a pleasure for me to be able to test and present this software, considering all the bad quality on the market (software), and not just voice output-related! It really is “simply satisfying” to be able present an absolutely top productin both ease of use and features.
Kind regards from Austria Dr. Peter T. (Translated into English)

This program is very impressive, standing out very positively from other similar products. Best regards from Heidelberg! Paul B. (Translated into English)

Dear Ms. Henry,
I have just spent some 5 hours with your Voice Reader Online Software and just can’t get over how good it is! How do you develop such fantastic software? And in the most diverse idiomatics …
I have been testing and fooling everyone I know with these perfect voices; the speech quality is just so realistic (which might not have been the developer’s principal aim, but sure does increase your product’s high-quality brilliance)!
I can think of quite a few people, both customers and colleagues, who I will definitely be recommending this product to.
Keep up the good work! Marc Schlapschy, System Administrator (Translated into English)

Thank you for your software. I have just tested it and think the voice output is simply brilliant
C. Lupo

It simply has to be said: your product “Voice Reader” is phenomenal! Operating convenience and speech output quality are excellent! For me, it is the product of the year! Commuters and people who are frequently on the move should order an mp3 car radio and your program straightaway when buying a new car. Perhaps consider a strategic distribution alliance with car manufacturers/dealers…
And so forth! Now I am toying with the idea of getting your attorney’s dictation software (so far the “dragon” has not really convinced me). “Hans-Jürgen K., Frankfurt (Translated into English)

“I set music to my first PowerPoint slide so that I could adjust the volume. This was followed by some slides with figures and diagrams, and nobody actually thought of the loudspeakers any more. Then I had the slides with text read out with Voice Reader – and everyone was awake again! The reaction was one of surprise, inquisitiveness (how does it work?) and enthusiasm! A colleague at once took the presentation with him to the U.S.”Udo W., Logitech (Translated into English)

“I personally find the possibilities of Voice Reader very beneficial and practical. As I am frequently on the move in the car, I have barely any time to read through my e-mails in peace. With Voice Reader, I can now convert my entire e-mails into mp3 files and load them onto my Pocket PC in the morning. During a relaxed drive to work, I have them read out to me. This also concerns working papers in particular. At work, I am fully informed and can immediately participate in the discussions. As a result, I often have the advantage and can think and infer more intensively.” Jörg Otto C. (qualified educationalist), Wittenberg www.netztransfer.de (Translated into English)

“Many thanks for the Voice Reader versions! We’re already having many great ideas; everything is now being read out – from the daily paper to the children’s bookWerner K., Vienna (Translated into English)

“The trial version is currently an absolute hit in our editorial office. We talk to one another almost exclusively via Julia. Whether this is very communicative is an open question. At any rate, we are having loads of fun with the program. Go to the interview of Radio Star FM 87.9″ Radio Star FM, editorial office (Translated into English)

“Congratulations on the really great and innovative product.” Peter K., Vienna (Translated into English)

“Dear Ms Henry, Thank you very much indeed for sending me your Voice Reader. It has not only fulfilled my expectations (which were not exactly low), but has really exceeded them. Since I write for various newspapers, and specifically for foreign emigrants in Asia amongst whom knowledge of English is often serious lacking, your programs are simply made to offer support to these people.” Jürgen R. Rilling, freelance journalist (Translated into English)

“Subject: communication aid
I have vocal chord inflammation, and I carry out all-important telephone calls and conversations that I cannot get round by typing in my responses using the keyboard and having them read out using the speech output function. Your developers probably did not see it being used in this way, but it is awonderful communication aid if the doctor prescribes a break from speech. Nice that the PT voice is also female.” Maja L., journalist, (Translated into English)