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Linguatec awarded the European Information Technology Prize 2004

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European Information Technology Prize

The competition for the European Information Technology Prize is organized by the European Commission together with Euro CASE, the European Council of Applied Sciences and Engineering. Of the 420 entrants from 28 European countries, 20 companies were awarded the coveted prize.

After being awarded the prize in 1996 (automatic translation) and 1998 (applied speech recognition), Linguatec was able to take the coveted award back to Munich again in 2004. Linguatec is the only company to have already received the European IT Prize three times.

Linguatec received the prize for Beyond Babel, a new kind of software solution. In an age of globalization, Beyond Babel enables fast and efficient communication beyond language frontiers.

Beyond Babel is an intuitive and user-friendly solution, which enables people to communicate with one another in their respective mother tongue.

Linguatec Beyond Babel

The following latest technologies are integrated in the application:

  • Speech recognition
  • Machine translation
  • Speech synthesis
  • Active noise suppression using a digital signal processor
  • Audio compression in real time

Beyond Babel supports the following languages:
English, French and German (Chinese currently in development)

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About Linguatec:

Linguatec is the leading provider of language-technology software for office use in Germany and the only company to have won the European Information Technology Prize three times. The activities of the language technology specialists concentrate on three language technology sections which can be presented as a language technology triangle: • Automatic Translation • Voice Output • Speech Recognition