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The functions of Personal Translator Intranet 20 in detail

General advantages for the Group

Innovative translation technology 
Personal Translator Intranet 20 also uses the outstanding Smart Translation™ technology. It ensures reliable and excellent translations of business correspondence and complex technical texts.

Huge dictionaries and uniform company language
The dictionaries will be delivered with more than 4 million entries (all language pairs together), clear example sentences and definitions. The language pair German English includes two specialized dictionaries Engineering Technology and Medicine. As corporate identity is also a matter of company language, the huge dictionaries may certainly be complemented by company-specific terminology.

High Return On Investment (ROI)
Given the possible savings with Personal Translator, the purchase costs are amortized in a very short time and Personal Translator Intranet can show a high Return on Investment. It is an excellent choice for companies who are looking to save time and money, reduce the workload of their employees and increase productivity. For more information, read our user reports from Siemens AG and Textron Verbindungstechnik GmbH & Co. OHG, companies that have successfully used Personal Translator Intranet for many years.

Advantages for administrators

High data security
In contrast to online translators, Personal Translator 20 Intranet, installed on the company server does not represent any security risk. Especially in the case of sensitive company data, you should not risk revealing it to an imponderable public via unsecured internet connections.

Simple provision and minimum administration effort
Provision takes place via Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol. In this case only a single application will be virtualized not the complete desktop
Thus a universal access from various devices (PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone) to various system environments (e.g. Windows, iOS, Mac OS X or Android) and from anywhere is possible. Via newest Microsoft server technologies the complete functionality of the Personal Translator Professional 20 can be provided to the user quickly and easily. Thanks to convenient and central management, maintenance for each individual client is not required and you benefit from a simplified infrastructure.
A client installation is not necessary.

Advantages for the user

Global communication
Personal Translator Intranet 20 includes 7 language pairs.

A sophisticated translation solution!
Personal Translator is an intelligent translation solution. Intelligent new features such as SmartAnalyse™ for the translation of long and complex sentences and, above all, SmartCorrect™ provide optimum translation results with the highest possible level of operating convenience.

Nboody is perflect?! Error correction with SmartCorrect™
Typos and spelling mistakes can very easily worm their way into a text and cause massive damage to the translation. The new function SmartCorrect™ is more than just a spell check: for example, it recognizes that “tretmnedous tpyig” actually means “tremendous typing”, and automatically corrects it before translation takes place. Nboody is perflect?! As if!

Neural transfer in the event of terms with more than one meaning

Personal Translator 20’s sophisticated, hybrid process combines rule-based translation technology with neural transfer techniques (patent pending).
Your benefits: a clear improvement of translation capacity in the event of ambiguous words, blurred expressions, proper names and incomplete sentences. Considerably reducing the effort needed for manual editing!

Translate flexibly – platform-independent
Whether texts, web pages or e-mails: Personal Translator Intranet 20 clearly offers the right option for every purpose. Ideal for your e-mail correspondence, commercial letters and memos, as well as for the translation of whole web pages. And always with the innovative SmartTranslation™ Technology.

Personal Translator Intranet 20 provides the application to its users as RemoteApp
The program accesses the Remote Desktop Services via Remote and behaves in such a way as if it is executed on the local computer of the end user. With RemoteApp the employees can be productive, always and everywhere – platform-independent – with all devices – using Windows, Mac, OS X, iOS or Android.

Finely adjustable settings: Automatic or manual
In many languages, there are meaningful proper names that should never be translated. Herr Kohl (“Cabbage”) would have refused to put up with this translation of his name! Personal Translator 20’s intelligent proper name recognizer takes remedial action to prevent such errors from happening. Also, the recognition of subjects is vital for a good translation – in the end, it is important to know whether “Mutter” is used in a general or technical sense. You can carry out every recognition automatically or manually – as you like.
Die Mutter sorgt für ihre Kinder. -> The mother looks after her children.
Du musst die Mutter mit dem Schraubenschlüssel festziehen. -> You must tighten the nut with the spanner.

SmartMemory™: Revised sentences in the memory
The translation memory function offers a practical database of all completed translations. If you have the same sentence again, the saved final version of the translation is used automatically: This saves time and trouble! The Personal Translator 20’s translation memory is able to recognize proper names, locations and dates, and excludes these from the search terms when looking for a match, thus significantly increasing the likelihood of finding a corresponding sentence.