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User Reports Translation Software Personal Translator


Top customers that have already been using Personal Translator for a long time.
Some of our clients report on their experiences with machine translation.

Their verdict: by using automatic translation, the companies save time and money.

Read here the detailed user reports:

lufthansa “Personal Translator fulfilled both requirements, i.e. it was cost-efficient and of the highest quality.”

Udo Sonne, Senior Manager New Media and Learning Systems

Read the full user report of Lufthansa (PDF)

“The translation quality of PT Intranet surpasses our expectations. We know from the numerous positive feedback that the PT Intranet has gone down well. One can simply work more productively. Further proof of the high acceptance is the high access rates.”

José-Luis Ortega Lleras, Siemens Language Services

Read the full user report of Siemens (PDF)
Interview with Project Manager for “Automatic Translation” at Siemens (PDF)
Linguatec Press Release: Siemens uses PT Intranet from Linguatec worldwide (PDF)


Electronics and electrical engineering

“The Personal Translator, and especially its electronic dictionary, is an invaluable support in our highly specialized translation work, providing us with the ability to work with standardized, consistent terminology, and contributing dramatic time savings in the process. All of the program’s functions are very professional and easy to use. The tool is extremely cost-effective in comparison with some of the software that we use – and as for its benefits, well it’s nothing less than priceless.”

Gerhard Veith, Managing Director

Read the full user report of Veith (PDF)

“Personal Translator provides a useful service for Océ Service Product Management and the cooperation with Linguatec was very positive. An expansion of the implementation of Linguatec software in other business sectors is being considered.”

Peter Zimmerer, Senior Systems Analyst

Read the full user report of OCÉ (PDF)


Vehicle fleet management

“Our users benefit from the quality of Personal Translator. A useful aid, if you need to get a quick overview in the foreign language. Tools like PT Direct are in demand. We could still do with more of them.”

Read the full user report of Leaseplan (PDF)

“Personal Translator makes our users’ everyday work easier in numerous cases. Available at all times, it is a frequently used and easy-to-use application. It meets our expectations right round.”

Martin Paulusch, IT Project Manager

Read the full user report of VALEO (PDF)


Automobile component supplier


Consumer Electronics

“Saving time in daily business communication, specifically with multilingualism, is our chief concern. Here Personal Translator is an essential tool.”

Dominique Vallé, Project Manager Communication

Read the full user report of ASWO (PDF)

“PT Intranet saves us time. An additional plus factor is that no maintenance work arises for the IT department, since the program has run on the intranet without any problems from the start.”

Horst Eyl, DP Project Manager

Read the full user report of Textron (PDF)


Fastening technology