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Example Calculation Amortization of Personal Translator Net 20

Higher quality translations in a shorter time  An investment that quickly pays for itself

The LISA report (LISA: The Localization Industry Standards Association) makes a strong case for the use of automatic translation in large companies.

The Case Study results indicate a ROI of 544 % and an amortisation period of 2 months.

According to the Fraunhofer Institute, using Personal Translator Professional results in a time saving of 40%. The following example calculations illustrate what this means in concrete terms:

Example calculation:

Investment for a Personal Translator Net 20 for 10 employees: 1.294 €
Daily translation effort 15 min.: 10 employees x 15 min. = 150 min./month
Monthly translation effort: 150 min x 20 days = 50 h/month
Time saving according to the survey of the Fraunhofer Institute: 40 %
Monthly time saving: 20 h
Assumed hourly wages: 35,- €
Monthly cost saving: 700,- €
Amortization: Within 2 months


A company acquires the basic version of Personal Translator Net 20 for 10 members of staff.
The investment costs are 1.294,- €.

If the 10 members of staff (clerks, managers, secretaries, etc.) are involved with translation of some kind (for example, looking up a word, translating an English webpage into German, or writing an e-mail in German), for an average of 15 minutes each day, then this gives the following monthly savings potential:
10 members of staff * 15 mins * 20 days * 40 % saving = 20 hours
Based on an average hourly rate of 35,- € for each member of staff, this corresponds to a monthly cost saving of
20 hours *  35,- € = 700,- €
This means that the investment will have paid for itself in two months!

Let us advise you. We would be happy to show you what savings potential is hidden in your company.