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User Views Text Translation with Personal Translator

Eh ben c’est ce que l’on appelle du Service Client ça. Merci c’est super !!!
Rachel G. (Liechtenstein)

Hello Ms. Döring,
“Personal Translator” beat my expectations by far. Unfortunately, I still haven’t had a chance to try out all the different options and functions. But, I can already tell you that I didn’t think such good translations were technically possible. I will gladly add the program to our range of products and will recommend and sell it to our customers, as I am completely convinced of its quality. Sincerely,
Franca R., Bookseller (Translated into English)

Hello Ms. Bauer,
Thank you for the Translator, which I would have thanked you for earlier, but I wanted to try it out a little first. Big compliment! The accuracy is now even better, and I can use the software really intelligently in my comprehensive communication with English-speaking countries.
It is an enormous help in my everyday work.
Once again, thank you ever so much, and best wishes from Hanover.
Peter v. S. NDR-TV, Redaktion NordseeReport (Translated into English)

Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho!
Translated: Congratulations for the excellent work!
Luis F., Sao Pedro Cadeira (Portugal)

Dear Ms. Bauer,
Many thanks for the swift delivery of not one, but two programs [Personal Translator German-English and German-French]! This provides me with the advantage of now being able to do the complete translations “out of one mould” with the same versions. An initial trial as part of correspondence with the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris produced very good and comprehensible results, as confirmed by the feedback. The PT’s “suggestions” only had to be improved manually here and there. …
Best regards, Dr. Hartmut M. (Translated into English)

I think this program is just incredibly helpful – simply superb.
Josua A. (Translated into English)

Sono veramente soddisfatto delle prestazioni del Vs.programma voice reader. Facilissimo da usare. Complimenti per la cortesia e la velocità della Vs. assistenza. Non manchero di acquistare anche il Vs. Personal Traslator. Cordiali saluti.
Alberto C. (Università de Padova) 

I am extremely impressed, the program is such a great help to me. I use it almost every day. Just brilliant!
Christine E. aus Goslar on PT 2008 German-French (Translated into English)

Linguatec’s Personal Translator provides the linguists at Liechtenstein University with the best possible support in their work with user dictionaries, which can be adjusted to the individual requirements of specific subject areas. Personal Translator Professional allows, for example, colloquial expressions to be filtered out by the integrated dictionary of idioms. The interface to established translation memory systems such as Trados Multiterm has proven to be particularly helpful in this respect. With appropriate maintenance, Linguatec’s Personal Translator can be applied with exceedingly efficient results.
Prof. Siegfried W., Professur für Wirtschaftsinformatik – Institutsleiter, University Liechtenstein (Translated into English)

The integrated dictionary is excellent and comprehensive. It is easy to use and leaves no requirement unsatisfied, and I find the programme’s read-out function particularly helpful.
Timothy S., Autor, International Human Rights School, Wünsdorf (Translated into English)

I have just received the update I ordered from you. I would never have thought it could be delivered so fast. You replied to many previous e-mails so quickly – and now again already. I think your products are simply superb, and that goes for the service as well, which, unfortunately, is something we don’t see so much of these days. I would just like to acknowledge the great job you and your colleagues are doing. Please keep it up! You really make the customer feel important. Thank you so much for your expedient help.
Helga D. (Translated into English)

Dear Ms. Bauer,
As the editor of our online magazine “Sicherheit-heute”, I have been using Personal Translator for several years now. We receive a lot of correspondence, and from time to time we receive reports in English, and of course occasionally I also have to translate my reports or mails into English. PT is a wonderful help in this respect, saving me a lot of valuable time. I would also like to emphasize how much I like and appreciate the fast and friendly help function.

Yours most sincerely
Jochen D., Onlinemagazin “Sicherheit-heute” (Translated into English) 

My compliments, I have never experienced such great support. Thank you and a lovely Easter!

Reinhard W., Switzerland (Translated into English) 

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I agree with the many positive evaluations for PT. There you have my acknowledgement. The situative ambiguity of the natural languages is a very difficult challenge, which you have implemented very well.
Uwe F., Berlin (Translated into English) 

Test report: linguatec Personal Translator Pro German-English

We installed Personal Translator Pro on our laptop. The installation was extremely simple. The interface of Personal Translator is almost identical to that in Word applications. Clearly laid out and incredibly easy to use. The program is self-explanatory. We in motor sport often communicate internationally by e-mail, receive operating guides in English and work a lot with Excel tables, so a program like this is essential for us.
Integration with the programs Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and with PDF documents works perfectly. This program fulfills all our wishes. It is incredibly easy to use and the translation result is excellent. What I particularly like is that you can have the source or target text read out.
The automotive engineering specialist dictionary for 149.00 euros was, in our case, a useful addition. We give the program the rating “very good” in all points. And we thank linguatec once more for the support in motor sport.
Racing Team Gayk (Translated into English) 


Hello, Thank you very much indeed for sending the Zip folder.
On this occasion, may I inform you that I am very pleasantly surprised by your software solution. I really didn’t believe that an IT program is capable of translating complete sentences and entire documents. I am really very taken with your product. The quality of the translations (in both directions) is such that it makes my work with international colleagues much easier. It’s not only that I can translate my own written documents and e-mails as well as other documents notably faster. Your software also clearly helps when trying out different translations and is a great aid for learning idioms and many terms. I do have to edit some specialist terms and formulations after the translation into English, but the added value gained from using your product is quite considerable.The price I paid in euros has already paid off repeatedly! Many thanks for developing this software – and many thanks for your support – so prompt and unbureaucratic. That’s how I like it and I’m going to tell my colleagues about it!
Martin H., Neunkirchen-Seelscheid (Translated into English)“…


After first maneuvering into it bit by bit using google-translate or freetrans online from German into English, I decided that instead of ordering from unknown companies overseas by Visa card, I would play it safe and order a product from a German company, linguatec in Munich, via amazon. In Germany, just as in the U.S., programs of varying complexity are offered mostly in the price scale 50 euros, 300 euros, 500 euros. To be on the safe side, I first tried out the most affordable one – and am already very delighted. “Personal Translator Home” passed my personal test with a sentence of the philosopher Immanuel Kant: “Konsequent zu sein ist die größte Obliegenheit eines Philosophen und wird doch am seltensten angetroffen.” = “It is the greatest incumbency of a philosopher and becomes most seldom found anyway to be consistently …” – here the program showed itself to be cleverer than google or freetrans online. The (free) online offerings failed in the translation of the uncommon word “Obliegenheit”. Even my school dictionary was stuck there. It is, after all, a word with roots going back to the 18th century. Clearly not a problem for the linguatec product – which, for example, automatically manages to find the relevant language area: economics or technology, sport or the arts. Online registration also went just great, so I am pleased I took notice of this company.
Amazon Top Ten Reviewer Dietmar F. (Translated into English)

Already a great help for the Internet with 2001, and for all text translations in Word with the clipboard there is now the direct Word translation and, ingeniously, the reading out of everything written and translated! English has now pushed itself to the forefront to such a degree that any help in translation is welcome. It should work fast, it should be accurate; this program does it! I recommend it after being convinced; faultless and reliable in use.”
Peter R. at on PT 2006 Pro (Translated into English)

“Specifically when in a hurry, one can save approx. 50 percent of time with the program because it makes very many usable semantic suggestions and offers a good, up-to-date vocabulary.
I believe that this is precisely the benefit of your translation program: a relatively high accuracy for people like myself who (unfortunately) are always in a hurry and a reliable aid for those who simply don’t know English (or French) well enough. Whilst the program cannot replace a professional, it does save a lot of time. And time is precisely what’s scarce in this business. With the professional fees falling more and more, the only way one can achieve an acceptable revenue is through time savings. ” ‘
Usch L., journalist (Translated into English)