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FAQs Voice Pro Enterprise  – Frequently Asked Questions

Voice Pro Enterprise 5.0

Voice Pro Enterprise 4.0

General Information

  1. Which languages does the Speech Recognition Voice Pro Enterprise support?

    Voice Pro Enterprise is available for the languages German and English.
    For the selection please switch into the settings menu.  The available languages depend on the license(s) you bought.

  2. Which topics are available in Voice Pro Enterprise?

    Depending on your license, you will be offered in the settings menu the available topics. For German you can choose a general vocabulary (Common) or an extension for Legal or Medical. The topics Medical and Legal contain specialized vocabulary and abbreviation lists. Beneath the general vocabulary the selected topics will be used for the speech recognition.

  3. Tips concerning pronunciation, the way of speaking and :

    While dictating, please have in mind a clear and articulated pronunciation, best is to speak moderate and to avoid an excessive accent as well as a slowed down speech. Please dictate fluently and in  a natural way.
    Remember to dictate the punctuation marks.
    For example: “How do you do QUESTION MARK“.
    A list of all supported Voice Pro Enterprise voice commands you can find in chapter 7.

    Position your microphone properly:
    Please be aware that it is important to keep the correct distance to the microphone. Positioning the microphone correctly is one of the most important things you can do to enhance recognition accuracy.
    – Position the microphone element to the side of your mouth and about 2.5 cm away to avoid noise from breathing.
    – Don’t breath directly into the microphone.
    – Please ensure that the mute mode is not active.

    Volume Level Indicator:
    Ensure that the level indicator stays mainly in the zone, which is marked green while speaking into the microphone.

    Important Notes:
    Please take care that the dictation surrounding is as quiet as possible. E.g. close the window to keep out traffic noise. Background noises can have a negative effect on the recognition quality. Some devices also provide microphones with an ambient noise filter.

    During dictation or file recognition, please pay attention to the following:
    – Do not disconnect, plug in, or change headsets / microphones.
    – Do not remove, plug in or change USB sticks or other external devices – Do not change volume / sound settings.
    – Before starting the recognition of a larger audio file, please check the Windows power-saving options. No sleep mode should be triggered, in case that the mouse will not be moved for a longer time.

  4. The user interface of Voice Pro Enterprise Client or Voice Pro Enterprise Direct does not start or is not displayed as usual or closes in an unusual way.

    Delete all xml files in the Voice Pro Enterprise Client user folder under: „Personal folder > AppData > Roaming > Linguatec GmbH > VPEClient “ (e.g. Options.xml, FormatOptions_en.xml, FormatOptions_us.xml) as well as the Layout folder.
    The described XML files and the folder “Layout” contain the current configuration settings. They will be automatically recreated when Voice Pro Enterprise will be restarted. In case that the system writes corrupt data or the computer crashes, it can happen that these xml files become damaged.

    In case that your Explorer does not show all files, please click the “View” tab on File Explorer’s ribbon and click the “Hidden items” checkbox in the Show/hide section.