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FAQ Webshop – Frequently Asked Questions

General information

1. I cannot find the Personal Translator update shop:

Please click here to be redirected to the Personal Translator update shop.

2. I have cancelled my online order – will my data be stored?

No! All data entered during the ordering process will be stored only once the order has been finalized after entering the address and payment method information by confirming with the Finish button.

Ordering via shopping cart

3. My shopping cart is empty even though I have selected a product.

There are two possible causes here:

1) The browser was inactive for too long. For security reasons, your shopping cart is automatically emptied if you fail to carry out any activity on our website (e.g. loading a new page) within a set period of around 10 minutes. Please add the product to your shopping cart again and continue with your order.

2) You have deactivated cookies. If you receive an error message saying “Please activate cookies in your browser”, you must first activate cookies for the shopping cart feature to function correctly.

Ordering via download

4. What are backup CDs?

For orders via download we offer the additional mailing of the data on CD. You can use the downloaded product immediately and will receive the CD a few days later by mail. This CD will be custom made for you.
Your CD will be produced and mailed within 24 hours of receipt of payment. Shipment within the EU and the U.S. can take app. 5-10 workdays, to other countries / regions app. 10-25 workdays.
Please use this CD to back up your product for instance: After a possible loss of the downloaded program you can restore it at any time with the CD and use the license key to activate the full version.
The backup CD always comes with the purchase of the download product. If you delete the download from your shopping cart the corresponding CD will be deleted as well.
Please note:
Trade goods that are exported to countries outside the EU and the U.S. may be subject to customs duties. The recipient of these goods will in that case accept the costs for possible customs duties and taxes. Please refer to the customs authorities of your country for details.

5. How safe is the ordering process?

Your personal data are used to process the order and are mandatory for successful ordering. The entire download ordering process is protected by a secure SSL connection. Element 5 takes on the ordering and payment processing of download orders on behalf of the software manufacturer. Any data you have entered will be passed on only to the software manufacturer by element 5 and they are protected against third parties.
All personal information will be transferred encrypted via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and will be sent to the recipient via a secure line. The data can be read again only after it has been transferred. This allows for safe transmission of relevant information like credit card numbers, addresses etc., via the Internet.
All online buyers that still have reservations regarding the online use of their credit card may also use our fax form at the bottom of the download order page.