Translating in the Company Network with Personal Translator Net 20 2018-05-16T15:23:09+02:00

Translating in the Company Network:
The functions of Personal Translator Net 20 in detail

  • Superior translation technology:
    Personal Translator Net 20 includes the full functionality of Personal Translator Professional 20 for network use. The basic package contains 5 licenses. Compared with buying 5 desktop versions, you make a substantial saving and also enjoy all the benefits of central installation and administration.
  • Dynamic user licenses:
    Any number of client versions can be installed – temporary 30-day licenses are provided for a test run. An acquired license can be released at any time and is then available for another user.
  • High flexibility at low cost:
    Temporary licenses allow additional user access for at least 30 days.
  • Minimum administration overhead:
    Once the network extension is set up on the server, the client versions can be installed in no time centrally via the network.
  • Improved efficiency:
    All users can access the shared user dictionaries and sentence archives simultaneously. Every addition or improvement made by one team member is available to the rest of the team.
  • One company – one language:
    Shared access to company terminology ensures consistent translations – irrespective of the individual styles and linguistic skills of the staff.
  • Always up to date when used on mobile systems:
    Laptop users can easily switch between online and offline mode. Every time the user logs on to the network, local and central user data are automatically synchronized.
  • Enhanced export/import and filter functions:
    Additional information (e.g. creation date, user, attributes) is exported with the translation memories and can also be used to filter the data.
  • Professional global communication
    Personal Translator Net 20 contains 7 language pairs. Including the two specialized dictionaries Engineering Technology and Medicine for German ↔ English.