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In our Linguatec News you will find the latest information on products, research work, application ideas and customers from Linguatec Language Technologies. Read what happened during the past years.

HFF University chooses Voice Pro Enterprise for secure and top-performing speech recognition

After intensive testing, HFF University has decided to deploy Linguatec’s speech recognition solution. Deciding factors have been high recognition accuracy and security. Using an external cloud solution had been ruled out. CIO Kastl explains:  „With the ability to run the complete solution in our own data center, Voice Pro Enterprise is the ideal solution for us to integrate speech recognition without having to compromise on security.”

8. November, 2017|

Shipping Forecasts read by Voice Reader now also in the Mediterranean

Due to the very positive responses from sailors in the North and Baltic seas, the German Meteorological Office has decided to broadcast its shipping forecasts on short wave also in the Mediterranean Sea. It is available daily at 16:00 and 20:15 UTC. Unlike VHF, shortwave can be received also far away from coast. According to a survey by YACHT online, 80% of the sailors interviewed view radio as the most important source for weather forecasts and gale warnings.

12. September, 2017|

Secure translations: Airbus opts for Personal Translator from Linguatec

Data security has top priority at Airbus Defense & Space. This is particularly true for confidential texts to be translated. This is why Personal Translator has been selected as the preferred translation tool which requires no online connection to the outside world. So internal information remains where it belongs: within the company.

17. July, 2017| Dictionary switches to latest Voice Reader technology is Germany’s most popular online dictionary and has a long-term cooperation with Linguatec. Since June 2017 LEO has switched to the latest Voice Reader technology using HTML5 audio instead of Flash Plugins. Users can now individually adjust speed and pitch of the pronunciation, making LEO more comfortable, secure and faster than ever.

21. June, 2017|

Shipping forecast for North and Baltic Sea thanks to Voice Reader available on short wave

When Deutschlandfunk decided to stop broadcasting shipping forecasts on short wave, German Meteorological Office was looking for a cost-efficient and flexible alternative. With Voice Reader weather forecasts are now automatically converted into audio and broadcast via DWD’s radio station in Pinneberg.
Three times daily on frequency 6180 KHz sailors can listen to weather forecasts and gale warnings for the North and Baltic Seas. Wilfried Behncke from DWD explains: “We want to broadcast comprehensive shipping forecasts for all forecast areas from the English Channel to the Gulf of Riga.” Linguatec sends greetings to all sailors and may there be always enough water under the keel.

28. May, 2017|

All the best for 2017

To all our customers and website visitors a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

19. December, 2016|