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Voice Reader Studio 15

Professional Text-to-Speech Software

Convert your texts to voice professionally using natural sounding voices, which can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Create high-quality audio files and publish these royalty free using Voice Reader Studio 15. Licence agreement

Text-to-Speech Voice Reader Studio 15

Voice Reader Studio 15 text-to-speech software is available in 45 languages

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12 good reasons to choose our Voice Reader Studio 15 text-to-speech software

1. High quality languages and voices

Professional and naturally sounding male and female voices in many languages that can’t easily be distinguished from real, human voices. They are based on extensive studio recordings of professional, voice-over artists.

A summary of all available Voice Reader Studio 15 languages with the relevant number of voices can be found here.

2. Individual pronunciation adjustment (textual and phonetic)

Would you like to change the pronunciation of a term? That’s no problem for Voice Reader Studio 15 TTS:

The pronunciation editor is so intuitive that even non-linguists will feel right at home using it. Two types of pronunciation adjustment can be made: By simply changing the text input, e.g. “Roosevelt” to “Rushwelt” or via more accurate phonetic changes using the phonetic alphabet.

A more detailed description can be found in chapter 2.7 of the Voice Reader Studio 15 manual.

Voice Reader Studio 15 - Pronunciation Adjustment

Workshop: Change Pronunciation with orthographic transcription
Workshop: Change Pronunciation with phonetic transcription

3. Multilingual voices for improved pronunciation of foreign language terms

Some voices have a multilanguage extension (ML), in other words they are multilingual. It is possible to assign a certain language to individual words or text passages within a text thereby improving pronunciation.
Multilingual voices are based on recordings of German, French and Italian speakers in the relevant foreign language.
ML voices are available in the following languages and are automatically included in the relevant language packet.

Language Name of voice Extended language ability
German Anna ML English (UK)
French Audrey ML English (UK)
Italian Alice ML English (UK)

Workshop: Use of multilingual voices in Voice Reader Studio 15 French, Italian and German
Audio sample: Multilingual table

4. Voice Markups for change in speaker, pause edit, spelling mode etc.

Would you like to make your speech-synthesized text more interesting? You can then add different voice markups such as change in speaker, pause edit or spelling mode using the “Add Voice Markup” menu and change vocal range, rate or loudness and add to your text using recorded WAV files. Make your audio files exciting and interesting. Screenshot Voice Reader Studio 15 - Voice Markups

Workshop: Use Voice Markups

5. Individualization by creating speaker profiles

Voice Reader Studio 15 TTS allows speaker profiles to be created so that texts can be easily voice synthesized using distributed speaker roles.

Save your desired language, voice, reading speed, pitch, loudness and pause length combination under individual speaker names.

Afterwards, you can easily assign a specific speaker profile to individual text segments using “Add Voice Mark-up” > “Speaker Profile”.

Screenshot Voice Reader Studio 15 - Settings Speaker Profile

Workshop: Create and use Speaker Profiles

6. Support for a wide range of file formats (pdf, doc, docx, html, rtf, epub, etc.) 

Would you like to voice synthesize PDF documents, Word files or Epubs? Then your on the right track with Voice Reader Studio 15. Voice Reader Studio 15 can open a wide range of file formats such as: .pdf, .docx, .html, .rtf, epub etc.

Screenshot Voice Reader Studio 15 - Range of File Formats

7. Fast conversion of text to audio 

Even long texts can be converted to audio within seconds. Your text will be available as audio 30 times faster than you could read it. This means that there is no unnecessary waiting or idling due to voice synthesis with Voice Reader Studio 15.

Extension possibility for the integration into existing Work Flows:

In some use cases the conversion of text into audio has to occur automatically without any user interaction. This can be achieved with the separately available Voice Reader Studio 15 Command Line Utility.
It converts a text file into an audio file via command line and can also be used for batch processing. The conversion process can easily be automated via scripting.

Further information can be found in the Manual

Price for licensing the Voice Reader Studio 15 Command Line Utility: on request

8. Export audio (WAV, MP3)

Voice Reader Studio 15 allows you to create MP3 files in 16 KBit/s to 160 KBit/s audio quality, WAV files can be created in PCM 8 /11 /22 /44 /48 kHz 8/16 Bit Mono.

You can therefore select audio quality to suit your particular application. Traffic announcements or telephone messages have other requirements than E-learning or radio reproduction.

Screenshot Voice Reader Studio 15 - Export Audio

9. Direct integration in MS Word, Outlook and PowerPoint

Voice Reader Studio 15 text-to-speech can be easily integrated in MS Word, Outlook and PowerPoint allowing access to all the functions of Voice Reader Studio 15 directly within the relevant user program. Email reading and spoken PowerPoint presentations – just one click away!

Screenshot Voice Reader Studio 15 - Direct Integration in MS Word, Outlook and PowerPoint

10. Fast access directly within other programs using Voice Reader Studio 15 Direct

Screenshot Voice Reader Studio 15 Direct

Use the mini application from Voice Reader Studio 15 to convert the marked text in all programs, documents or web pages.
Also ideal for converting PDFs and emails.
Voice Reader Studio 15 Direct offers various setting possibilities for conversion: Marked-up text can be entered in the text field as well as automatically read out and/ or exported after copying the selected text.

11. Available in many languages with male and female voices

Our TTS Voice Reader Studio 15 is available in 45 languages. The number in brackets refers to the number of voices supplied:

Arabic (1) French (3) Norwegian (2)
Basque (1) French (Canadian) (3) Polish (2)
Catalan (2) Finnish (1) Portuguese (2)
Cantonese Hong Kong (1) Galician (1) Portuguese (Brazilian) (2)
Czech (2) German (4) Romanian (1)
Danish (2) Greek (2) Russian (3)
Dutch Belgium (1) Hebrew (1) Slovak (1)
Dutch Netherlands (2) Hindi (1) Spanish (2)
English (American) (5) Hungarian (1) Spanish (Argentine) (1)
English (Australian) (2) Indonesian (1) Spanish (Colombian) (2)
English (British) (4) Italian (4) Spanish (Mexican) (3)
English (Indian) (1) Japanese (2) Swedish (3)
English (Irish) (1) Korean (1) Thai (1)
English (Scottish) (1) Mandarin (China) (1) Turkish (2)
English (South African) (1) Mandarin (Taiwan) (1) Valencian (1)

12. Unbeatable value for money

For just €499 you can convert and publish as many voice synthesized texts as you like. Thus banishing the need for professional sound studios or recordings with expensive voice-over artists to the past.

Example calculation:
Creation of a complete audio file lasting 30 minutes


The cost of purchasing Voice Reader Studio 15 text-to-speech can be redeemed with less than a 30 minute recording. Compared to booking a recording studio and voice-over artists, Voice Reader Studio 15 allows you to save up to €120 with a 30 minute recording time.

 System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Available disk space: Up to 2 GB for each language
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Internet access for product activation
  • Plugins are available for the following MS Office programs: Microsoft Word (Version 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019) Microsoft Outlook (Version 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019) Microsoft Power Point (Version 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019)
  • Text file format: .txt, .rtf, .docx, .doc, .htm, .html, .mht, .epub, .pdf, .odt
  • Audio file export: MP3, WAV
  • For the use on a local PC drive